For past 4 years, I’m being pampered with good coffee.

Some will argue that Nespresso is not necessary a good coffee, they are way better than instant coffee powder, coffee cans (full of sugar), or coffee machines with bad beans.

It’s imperative to start a my day with a cup of good coffee.



Looking at how I improve my skills, I paid $50+ to enrol on AI for Industry course for AI Makerspace. The course effectively gave me full access to DataCamp to learn on my own. Datacamp course has its pros and cons. But it serves its purposes well.

One part of the course is Statistical Thinking in Python. The Python module itself is fine. But the Statistic part … Gosh. It teaches from basic stats (mean, percentiles, standard deviation) to bootstrapping, confidence interval and null hypothesis.

The Datacamp course teaches well on the what and how but not on the why. Why the null hypothesis has to be done this way, why not the other way, etc. etc. I am guessing this is outside the scope of the course.

I will have to read up more about null hypothesis on my own.



We know this year is a forgotten year. When the calendar hits June/July, we wish 2020 never happens and we just skip directly with 2021.

But, can we? Life on 1 Jan 2021 will be the same as 1 Jan 2020? Can we revert back to our previous life style?

Now almost November, I don’t need crystal ball and on 1 Jan 2021, life will be pretty much the same as now.

  • Mandatory mask.
  • Check-in and TraceTogether.
  • Working in the office is optional.
  • Social distancing with maybe more relaxed rules.
  • Travelling overseas will still pretty non-existent, except for a handful of “safe countries”.

The faster we accept this new reality, the better we can adapt to it and thrive.

This reality is here to stay.

Maybe until vaccines are available for the mass.